Our Mission

Rob White B.V.Sc. CDE, Director, Business Benchmarking Solutions PL

“To empower veterinary practice managers and owners to optimize their operations through the confidential exchange of data and benchmarking against industry peers, fostering improvement and excellence in veterinary care.”

About Us

BBVET was founded with the unique goal of offering veterinary practice owners and managers a comprehensive set of veterinary benchmarking tools.
Our members gain access to our services via a secure private portal, enabling them to engage in surveys, review results and utilize specialized benchmarking tools.

This empowers managers to make extensive comparisons å relevant cohort groups and improve their businesses while maintaining anonymity.

Our History

In 2005, Rob White, a veterinarian and business consultant, sought veterinary benchmarking software tailored for the veterinary industry. Despite months of searching without success, he opted to develop his own dedicated platform to address the specific needs of benchmarking in the veterinary field.

Teaming up with Senior Developer Alex Barry, they embarked on a development journey that spanned the next two decades, culminating in the creation of a highly sophisticated package for global use by veterinarians.

BBVet, abbreviated from Business Benchmarking Veterinary, has evolved beyond basic KPI benchmarking. It now provides a sophisticated package encompassing comprehensive benchmarking and survey capabilities for every aspect of business within the veterinary industry.

“Dedicated to delivering top-notch benchmarking and survey capabilities to veterinary practice managers worldwide.”

Rob White, B.V.Sc. CDE

“Ensuring that every facet of development attains the highest standards, yet remains user-friendly and easy to use.”

Alex Barry, Senior Developer