The 4 pillars of veterinary benchmarking

Foundation Surveys

Foundation Surveys provide the pillars for all BBVet surveys, encompassing the four key branches of benchmarking crucial to veterinary practice managers.

These surveys are entirely devoted to specific topics and provide comprehensive analysis options.

This approach enables practice owners and managers to concentrate on one area at a time, facilitating focused attention and actionable insights.

Fee Analysis

Fee Surveys stand out as one of the most widely embraced survey options provided by BBVet. Every veterinary practice seeks insight into the prevailing market charges and then utilizing the information to assist their decisions on fees. The distinctive “What If” tool, particularly favored in this survey, allows practices to explore scenarios such as, What If I set my fee for this service at X instead of Y? Where would my position be in the industry?”

Employee Remuneration

The Employee Remuneration survey, the second in popularity offered by BBVet, permits the entry of individual employees into the system, enabling a direct comparison with industry counterparts in similar roles. All staff categories, encompassing veterinarians, nurses, technicians, administration, etc., are surveyed comprehensively. The widely appreciated “What If” tool is once again in the spotlight, allowing users to pose questions like, “What If I offered Employee A $x instead of $y as remuneration? Where would their standing be in the industry?”

Profit and Loss

Arguably one of our most valuable surveys. The survey includes appropriate adjustments for variables that occur between clinics such as directors remunerations, owner occupied buildings and interest on loans etc. It compares profit but more importantly it delves into management of expenses. Your performance relative to the market serves as an excellent guide.

Key Performance Indicator

The significance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is widely acknowledged by practice managers. Evaluating them internally against historical performance and externally against market standards is commonly recognized as a crucial benchmarking approach.

Quick , Concise, Valuable

Strategic Insights

Strategic Insights surveys typically capture smaller snapshots of the broader Foundation Surveys.

While Foundation Surveys offer a thorough and expansive perspective, Strategic Insights enable practice managers to focus on specific aspects, providing a condensed glimpse into the wealth of information offered by the Foundation Surveys.

Smaller surveys delivered in compact packages but offering real value.

Examples of such surveys include:

20 Common Fees Survey

An examination of ‘ultra-common’ fees charged repeatedly every day. These fees contribute significantly to practice revenue and MUST be set up correctly.

Survey of 55 Pathology Fees for Small Animals

A thorough exploration of not so common  pathology fees. Whilst these fees may be charged infrequently individually, as a group they constitute a sizeable revenue stream.

Snapshot KPI Survey

A concise overview of essential performance indicators that are of high interest to all practice managers. These key indicators embody significant value with minimal time input.

Complete investigation of a business area.

Business Sector Analysis

Business Sector Surveys conduct a thorough analysis of various dimensions within a specific business area.

These studies typically involves the scrutiny of fees and charges within the sector, frequency of charging, preferred medical or surgical techniques techniques, and gauging the general opinions and sentiment of those providing the services.

Business Sector Analysis tends to be highly popular within the cohort that utilizes the particular area being investigated.

Examples of such surveys include:

Veterinary Dental Fees & Business Analysis Survey

This highly popular survey delves into every facet of dental work within small animal practice. It covers preferred techniques for specific procedures, the range of dental services provided by individual practices, pricing structures for dental services, and the frequency of charges. Additionally, the survey explores sentiments regarding the future direction of this sector.

Neutering Fee & Business Survey

The Neutering Fee and Business Survey thoroughly examines all aspects of companion animal neutering. This comprehensive study includes the analysis of fees, their frequency, and captures valuable insights into the industry’s attitudes and sentiments regarding neutering-related matters.

It encompasses all species of animal that frequently or infrequently visit small animal practices.

Pick one out of the lolly jar!

Industry Discovery

Industry Discovery surveys represent a versatile set of survey options designed to explore any aspect of veterinary practice.

Operating without a predetermined structure, they can investigate various problems, situations, or events within the veterinary industry.

These surveys are frequently initiated in response to feedback from regular subscribers or to a situation within the industry.

Examples of such surveys include:

Industry Growth & Direction Survey

An overview of how the industry is growing and where the veterinary industry is heading.

Stock and Inventory Survey

An analysis of how practices manage stock and attitudes to stock control.

Industry COVID-19 Impact Survey

One of several surveys run during the Covid-19 crisis. This survey definitely helped practices understand they were not alone.

Survey of Protocols and Procedures

An investigation of what and how procedures operate within the industry and the level of compliance.